Introducing Ourself Subtopical Lip Care

One skin care brand that has been making waves in the beauty community is Ourself, the first-ever sub-topical skin care brand. Because of its commitment to innovation, Ourself stands out in the vast skincare market, particularly in the realm of lip care. It’s the first of its kind to directly deliver results sub-topically to the layer of skin where it's needed most - no needles, no clinic, no overboard.  Let’s take a closer look at the Ourself brand and its most celebrated products. 

First, is the revolutionary Lip Filler . This product is a subtopical plumper developed with hyaluronic acid to reclaim volume, suppleness, and definition. With consistent use, you can achieve fuller lips in just a few weeks. This is known because in testing, 100% of users saw long-lasting, naturally fuller lips in just three weeks. The key difference between Ourself’s lip filler and other lip plumpers on the market is that the Ourself treatment has long-term benefits. When using Ourself’s lip filler, you may feel a slight tingle feeling after application, but it’s just the feeling of your lips slowly plumping. It usually takes several applications for users to see a noticeable and more permanent change in their lip volume, but it’s worth the wait! 

Alongside the lip filler in most popular Ourself products is the Lip Conditioner. The conditioner was formulated to enhance the color of the lips while also moisturizing, nourishing and improving lip texture. This product is a hydration hero, also formulated with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. The lip conditioner comes in 3 shades: original clear tint, a deep mauve called berry tint, and a shimmery rose nude called sunset tint. Each application leaves a glossy finish, so your lips will have a makeup look with a skincare feel. All three of the conditioner tints perfectly pair with the lip filler to achieve a visibly plumped and nourished look. Whether you’re battling dryness, thinness, or signs of aging, the lip filler and lip conditioners are for you. 

These two standout products are the perfect complement to each other. If you are looking for a solution to achieving youthful, plumped lips, the Lip Plumping and Enhancing Duo is your answer, which includes both the lip filler and the lip conditioner. These products work together to volumize and enhance your lips. To achieve the best results, you should initially apply 5 layers of the lip filler at least twice a day. After each layer, wait for it to dry before you apply the next one. Follow the lip filler with a generous layer of lip conditioner to rehydrate the lips and leave a beautiful glossy look. Following this routine will maximize your lip volumizing results. 

Ourself’s products are ideal for every skin type and promise to deliver visible results without compromise. As we age, our lips lose fullness due to decreased hyaluronic acid production and moisture retention. Lip filler has been known to aid with hyaluronic acid production to bring back that youthful plumpness that diminishes over time. Not only can the Ourself line benefit those who are experiencing signs of aging, but also individuals with naturally thin lips, makeup and skincare enthusiasts, and those who are unsure about invasive lip filler options. The Lip Plumping and Enhancing Duo truly does benefit everyone and their individual needs and concerns.

Ourself is more than just a skin and lip care brand, it is a way to help enhance your natural beauty and amplify your confidence. With a philosophy of empowerment, those who use Ourself lip care products are reminded that they don’t need any invasive or expensive procedures to feel their best. Lip filler and lip conditioner users often experience confidence boosts after seeing their results with consistent Lip Plumping and Enhancing Duo use! If you’re interested in a non-invasive lip plumping solution, Ourself’s Lip Plumping and Enhancing Duo will be your best friend. Remember, consistency is key!